Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learning thru the WWW

The wonders and benefits of the WWW are many & amazing. I think one of the most useful things is distance learning. Everonn has a studio system whereby they broadcast their lessons. the students can see as well as interact. They have courses in testing & some other cousrse by IIM....The advantage is that u really get the feel of a classroom...There is no one to monitor yr activities and so it's beneficial to those who are genuinely interested in learning more. Classtube.com has also come up with some good and useful courses..They have a PMP essentials course with mock tests, videos,podcasts and so on. All effective means of learning & teaching.


Viby Abraham said...

Thank uuu..
Please post more details about the admission procedures, contact details etc.

Umsy said...

You can contact trivandrum@dwge.com for the courses in IIM. You need to go to Vellayambalam where they have a studio. They also offer good courses in finance. Short term but useful and interesting.

For class tube. Just logon to classtube.com and sign up. This is online. You can do it anywhere. Hope this is helpful.

Viby Abraham said...

Thank uuuuu :)

Abrachan said...

Thank you for the post on ClassTube.com


Umsy said...

Yr welcome Abrachan.