Monday, November 12, 2007

Adopting Edison's Sleeping [pattern

The otherday I managed to cut myself on the stairs....So I now know that u need to take a TT within 24 hrs....and also start antibiotics...It is not only important to stop the bleeding but also clean the wound...Guess what TT's are quite cheap when compared to anti biotics...So when the doc tells you to go for not hesitate...If u get a major cut, TT is mandatory if u hav' had it in the last 6 months...
I think I got into the scrape since I did not sleep well the night previous & woke up early to boot which left me kind of disoriented.... I guess we can't all be Edison's, aye??? Thomas Alva Edison only slept for 3-4 hrs...although he was into napping..-

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