Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Kababs of Kalavara

If you want to eat kababs in Trivandrum. The place you need to go is Kalavara. The kababs are so juicy. My favourites are Reshmi kabab & Tangdi kabab. I think my all time favourite is the Reshmi kabab. Now this is boneless and kindo long. It is served with a green chutney & grated onions and carrot. A slice of lemon is also given. The kababs are just juicy and succulent and tender. The tangdi kabab is also very tender and thoselegs are really fleshy. Mmmm. I'm sorry. I don't have any pictures now. But I hope the description will stir your imaginations.

But guess what I got some pics on the slideshow...Do take a look:)


Novice Writer said...

I too love Kalavara:-) But I have never tried the Kababs..Will try next time I visit:-) :-)

Umsy said...

that's nice novice...thanks for dropping by...I will try to get you some pics next time