Sunday, May 25, 2008

Things to do at Neyyar

This a very scenic place and you can walk around alot admiring the natural beauty of the place. They have a swimming pool where people can swim too. Swimming in the dam is not recommended. Since there have been instances where crocs took off a whole arm or leg of some hapless person. Infact they have a crocodile farm. I did not go there. There is a lion safari where you can ride around and see the lions. I saw them - from a boat. They were lying next to the water perhaps to cool off. So we saw them from a distance. Do not worry- they are in an enclosure. Then we went to the rehad of the pachyderms. There was one elephant which was 75 years old. Then there were calves 5 and 5 and half years of age. You can ride on an elephant for 100 rupees. None of us ventured. To go on the boat for 20 mts, it's about 35 rupees. And for one hour ,it's 90 rupees. As part of this package, you get to see the lions and the elephants. You can also walk around the dam, take photographs etc. They also have a tower from where you can hear the lions roar. KTDC has an outlet there, so you can have your meals there. They also have rooms to let for those who wish to spend a night there. So it was an enjoyable day.

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