Monday, June 23, 2008

Things To Do While Waiting for Yr Order

In Trivandrum, one of the best places to relax and have a meal is Ambrosia. I would rate this as a very safe and comfortable place for the female gender. There is a TV hangin up there, but what to do for 15 mts before that sandwich comes??? Well if yr phone is charged you can call all those aunts and friends you have not spoken to in ages...But what if it runs out??? Then what?? Well I discovered that you can do many things like:
1. Look at the "to-do" list in yr handbag several times...
2. Take yr mobile out & Go to the menu...Check out all the things yr menu has.
3. Look at all the amateur pics u took and smile to yr self
4. Take a photo silently as if doing something really important.
5. If the order has not arrived then change the display or change the ring tone

Hopefully yr meal should arrive before you switch onto the " Airplane Mode". At Ambrosia, any order takes 15 mts. And it's usually filling. Try their Croissantwitch. It's filling!!!


Viby Abraham said...

that was a female specific one [I think so]
for males - u dont need to spend time on mobile phones.. just watch the females who are exercising these tricks :)

Umsy said...

Yoo Hoo VB!!! Finally a comment from u!!! Where were u???