Monday, August 18, 2008

A Blueberry Day!!!

Today I had the ultimate tea ever!!! It was blueberry tea!!! I dedicate that cup to whoever discovered it & I will drink to him/her again tomorrow!!! I popped into C Mart in Vazhuthacaud to buy some green tea. And let me tell you something. I under estimated C Mart. They have everything from ladies finger to tissue paper to mops to....They have a whole lot of stuff out there. Well I was looking at all the teas available and my eyes fell on this:

I picked it up not knowing the adventure I was in for. The packaging is also kinda cute. Small paper box with an alluring exotic look. Yesterday definitely was a blueberry day for me. But I wasn't aware of that. I felt the pangs of hunger and went to Ambrosia. And there on the counter I spotted what looked to me like blueberry pie... Would you believe it?!!! The lady at the counter said it was red cherry something. But to me it"ll be blueberry pie:) It had these blueberries on the top. YUm!!!
So I had that. And this morning I had the blueberry tea. I have read about teas with "aroma, delicate flavor, etc" but never felt it , till now. This tea gives you all that and more!!! The slight hint of bluberries lingers in your mouth and makes you feel you've done something!!!! It's made in Ceylon by a company called Mlesna ( have no idea how it's pronounced) and they have a whole range of teas!!! Dying to try them all!!


dreamy eyes said...

happy bluberry day

Umsy said...

thanks dreamy!! and u should try it if u get a chance!!!