Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dum Biriyani

It's better not to over eat. Otherwise you may end up feeling like a python who just swallowed a goat!!! Very full and lethargic!! I learnt this the hard way. Anyhow, now I remember not to. I've noticed that people tend to overeat when eating biriyanis. At such times remember that it's not your last meal. Or the last time you 're gonna have biriyani. Now the Dum biriyani at Darriya is the kind which you may want to overeat. They only serve biriyani in this small joint which is just after the kazhakoottam junction on the highway. Look out for the board shaped like a pot on the left when heading out of Trivandrum. By the way, it's not pronounced as " Dumb" but more like "dhum" with a soft "dh". You can also order chicken fry there. They also serve Sulaimani free of cost as a digestive stimulant. It tastes real good. I could not recreate that flavour though I have tried. If anyone knows of an authentic Sulaimani recipe, then please pass along. In case anyone is wondering Sulaimani is a type of black tea made with cinnamon. Cheers!!! Lolalola....

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