Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence Day

Independence Day is almost over. I'm sure Indians all over the world celebrated, rejoiced or gave thanks. Independence is such a great thing. One can only appreciate the true value of something when one is deprived of it. Women have more freedom here than in some parts of the world. Also freedom of speech. For everyone. Man and woman. It must be terrible to be under a dictator where one person decides the fate of everyone else. I sympathize with people all over the world who have no freedom.
On another note I took the risk and travelled by train. There were policemen at Trivandrum Central. Security checking with metal detectors have been implemented at both Kottayam and Kochi which is very good. What with this bomb scare going around..I have no idea what goes through these people's minds. Could it be lack of hobbies like blogging;) ?

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