Friday, October 3, 2008

A pinch of Salt

Hi y'all!!!It's been a quite a hiatus. Hope you are all doing better than before in every way!!! Anyhow during this time I made a couplo discoveries. I was having Flemish Onion soup in Arul Jyothi in Bakery junction, when this truth kinda bit me. Now this is such a simple soup in terms of ingredients and Arul Jyothi is pure vegetarian. Still it was quite tasty. Very tasty to be precise. And I kept wondering ( while I mouthed the soup)what made the difference. The answer was simple. It was salt.
Not that I havn't been aware of the necessity of adding a pinch of salt. However on this particular day, it was like I was enlightened. The only difference was that I did not sit under a Bodha vraksha, but rather in the softly lit environs of Arul Jyothi. Well after this life changing episode, I have taken care to see that the right amount of salt is added to all dishes. The results are amazing. Try it out and let me know, k..

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