Thursday, January 1, 2009

Casa Bianca: Fine Dining in Trivandrum

Eating at Casa Bianca is an experience I always relish. This place has never disappointed me. I love the ambience and the food. They serve authentic Italian food there. Nights are very romantic as they have these little lights lit up. But days are also good. It's fine for girls to go and eat there all alone.
Today being New Years, I spotted a few love birds. See what I mean about the ambience;)
Most of their portions would suit 2 people just fine. For instance I had a pot of lime tea and sipped approximately 2 tea cups. They give you the tea, the cut limes and the sugar. So it becomes a sort of ceremony where you can add the sugar and squeeze the lemon to suit your taste. The same goes with the portions. I ordered spaghetti bolognese and found that skipping brekky had been a good choice after all. For there was enough spaghetti for 2 tummies of my capacity.
Yes there is a price for eating like this. The bolognese was Rs.225 and the pot of tea Rs.20.
The waiters are all helpful and friendly and the restaurant is very clean and neat. The decor has a mediterranean feel to it.
Now to reach the place. Go to Vazhuthacaud Junction and from there take the MP Appan Road. This road is very very close to the junction itself and the deviation is from the road heading towards the Reliance Webworld. On the MP Appan Road, go straight down for about 50 meters. You cannot miss their board. (It's actually a house.)

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