Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Oberon Mall in Kochi

The Oberon Mall is one of the most hep shopping malls in Kerala. On the Edapally bypass, this is a typical mall with contests being conducted on the groundfloor etc. 10 rupees for a parking ticket, it has an ATM on the -1 level. One of the top floors has a gaming zone and another fllor has a food court. Its' a nice place just to hang out and be hep. But expect a big crowd on weekends. Reliance has taken up quite a bit of floor space with Reliance Time out, a place to buy books or drink coffee, Reliance Trends which sells bags, shoes, clothes etc...and on the ground floor Reliance Fresh. Designer tags have also taken floor space like Mantra . Footwear brands Sylcon and Kobbler have moved in. They also have a styling salon in the basement.

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