Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Simple Leek Dish

I saw some leeks and thought I would make Korat (an Egyptian soup recipe). The recipe calls for the leeks to be cut into 2 inch pieces. The leaves are not used only the stalk. Well someone decided to be helpful and chopped it up for me. Imagine my feelings to see the leeks shredded to ribbons!!! I could not make Korat. So I went through several cook books. Finally I decided to go by my gut instinct. There was no time or cheese to make a quiche. So I poured some olive oil and sauteed the leeks with salt and black pepper. There happened to be some sweet basil around. So I shaked some of that in too. The whole process may have taken 6 mts at the most. It tasted yum. But the best was yet to come. We were supposed to have bread and soup so the bread was there. I creamed the slices with cheese spread and used the leeks as a filling. It was yum. Boiled sausages went well. Yum. Yummy. What a serendipity!!!

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