Monday, January 11, 2010

Memories of the small island: Sri Lanka

I was just clearing my bag when I came across this visting card. It reads

H Leenas Caldera

No.412/1, Welihana, Res: 031-2275323
Kochchikade. Mobile: 077-9815963

He was our driver when we visited Srilanka sometime last year. He seemed to be a good man. He took us to Colombo from Negembo and back. Most Srilankans are genial. When we left he had given me this number and asked me to give it to anyone who would be visiting Sri Lanka. The card definitely brought back memories. I remember the armed guard who checked out the van we were in just outside Colombo. I wonder if things have changed there.

Colombo is a big city with alot of high end shops and the like. I did not have an opportunity to visit the tea estates. I also remember meeting a Sri Lankan who was hopeful that peace would come to the country.

The Bandarnayake airport is impressive and clean. It has a lush tropical garden outside.

The women of Sri Lanka are mostly dressed in western garb. Could be due to the huge fashion industry which thrives there. Alot of high end fashion is actually made there. Sri Lanka is famous for its' teas, pottery and tea estates.

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