Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Hair Care Secrets Revealed!!

Here is a picture of me when my hair is looking good. This was sometime after a hair-cut (maybe a week or so).

It's true that if you love your hair, it will love you back!! It's not going to look good for you, unless you pamper it and make it feel special. And when your hair looks good, believe me "You" will look good too!!And when you look good, you feel good and happy.
A good haircut always makes me happy. I feel a haircut that suits you is very important. It also gives a neat appearance. Whenever I feel it’s become a bit unruly, I try to get it cut. Sometimes when my head feels hot, I massage it with oil and then shampoo it. It makes me feel so fresh. I love an occasional massage. But I simply love it when someone else does it for me. Aah! So when possible I get it done at the saloon. But usually I do it myself!! Recently I started using almond oil on the advice of my stylist. But coconut oil and baby oil are also very good. Baby oil and almond oil are not that greasy. So it looks better after a shampoo. Coconut oil needs more shampoo to get it all out.
I also love it when someone washes my hair for me. So when I go for a haircut, I usually get a wash done too. It's just that feel of extra care ;) And some people have a knack for this- a soft, gentle touch. I remember once they washed and set it for me and I felt like a million bucks. It had me beaming. I really did look different!!
After I started using shampoo specifically meant for fine hair, I noticed a great difference. My hair stays properly even in humid places.
I used to have the habit of combing my hair right after toweling. I thought that was the best way to make my hair stay in order once dry. Wrong!! I must thank my sis who advised me to just run my fingers through my hair until it dries. So now I only comb after it dries and this I believe gives a nice bouncy look to it.
Sometimes I apply a hair pack or mask. Whenever possible I buy the readymade ones and do it at home so I can do other things with the pack on my head. Since it takes time, I don't do this always. But I usually feel good after that.

So that’s it. My hair care secrets. Do share your secrets too in the comments section below!!

PS: This post was written for a contest sponsored by Dove and you can read my experiences with Dove here.


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Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Baby Oil, 'Don't comb after you wash your hair', well the secret reveals that you love your hair a lot.. Cool post..

Someone is Special

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