Monday, January 14, 2008

Brunching at The Leela

Today at one o clock in the afternoon, I felt ravenous. Even after 3 chappathis & chicken curry I still felt hungry. The reason maybe the brunch I had yesterday at The Leela, Kovalam. We reached there by 12.30 and from that moment till the time we came back, all I did was eat:). The Leela Hotel is truly a world class resort. You have the option of sitting on a verandah next to the swimming pool or sitting inside with air conditioning. We chose to sit outside next to the pool & look at the sea. There was a live band playing too. It totally relaxes you. So you can enjoy yourself and the food.
Now the food. I would suggest that u better go with an empty stomach... or just have enough to keep you going till you reach the resort. The spread is just amazing.

Of the assorted salads, the smoked salmon remains my favourite. Mmmmmm...Tender & pinkish orange or some other such divine hue...

I chose the Aloo Tikkis from the chat counter. Of the many things on the main course, I remember the tender beef with a juicy sauce, the fish fingers ...I am losing count.
The dessert counter was fabulous with delectable sweet- meats, Indian and Continental. The Rasagullas were soo soft, the Mango Souffle so creamy, the Tarts and Omali was just too scrumptious.
I ate till I could eat no more...:(...
Now the last part, the bill. I must say that the bill too will send your senses into a tizzy. It's 750 Rs plus tax. So while you may leave with your belly full, you will also feel a certain lightness in your pockets. :)


Rajesh said...

This is the best hotel i have ever visited at the leela hotel Bangalore is the best hotel in India with comfortable luxury feeling, you can check the here.

Umsy said...

I agree Rajesh. And yes the Leela B'lore looks luxurious to say the least.