Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Importance of Being Fidgety!!!

I remember a report card of a first grader which said that the child was good except for the fact that she was a lil bit " fidgety"!!! But if u spend 8 to 9 hrs at a desk or infront of a computer, u better be fidgety. You need all the exercise you can get!!! But u may say" I am sooo busy, I don't have time:(!!!" But there are a number of things you can do to make sure your body moves , at least a bit. Listing a few things that come to mind:
1. For one, you can take the stairs instead of the lift. Infact you should try to beat the lift:) ...
2. Fill a glass/bottle of water from the dispenser. This will also help you practise water therapy.
3. If you drink water, then after a while you will need to visit the loo. So this becomes a sort of cyclic activity whereby you get a double benefit.
4. Whenever possible do not use the extension. Walk down to meet the person.
5. Why walk slowly when you can walk fast?
6. When waiting for a cab or rickshaw, do you wait there impatiently? Well you would be better off if you walked in the direction you are headed to.. Try catching a cab on the way... If you walk half a kilometer, you might even save a bit.
Feel free to leave a comment, if you can think of any others....& even if you can't....


Viby Abraham said...

u want to be more fidgety?
- some advanced methods (supported by nature)
provoke a street dog and run to your destination. first try it at a short distance from home, then gradually increase the distance...
you can save more bucks, can be more healthy.. if well planned can become a famous athlete.

Umsy said...

hahaha....VB u do have a sense of humour:)

Roopa said...

Great way to get some exercise!