Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mother Teresa Touched Me

Nawin Chawlas biography of Mother Teresa made me want to visit one of their institutions. I finally located the place in TVM. It's in a place called Kunnukuzhy which is near PMG which is near the Mascot Hotel. I expected dingy surroundings. I was in for a surprise. The nuns keep the place clean and neat. The sister in charge. I think her name is Martina was taking good care of the infants. She never used talcum powder on the infants fearing an allergy. I could see her concern.
16 babies or so lay in cots. They had a couple of Ayahs. These Ayahs or nannies too found comfort in caring for the babies. One toddler can really keep your hands full. So just imagine 16 babies who need to be fed, washed, cleaned, soothed. Babies being babies cry when they want & sometimes it is difficult to find out the reason.
The sister told me she once got an abandoned baby on the steps. I salute the sister & her tribe. Other than these new borns, there are many mentally and physically handicapped people being taken care of in this institution. They need to be looked after like infants. Someone has to take care of all bodily functions.
When you think of it, it's amazing how one person can change the life of many others & that too not in the same place. How the young Albanian woman came to Calcutta & started all this is a miracle. Long after she is gone, she is still touching lives everyday.

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