Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unwinding Near the Sea

Last weekend, I got a chance to dig my heels in the sand. Yes I went to the beach. I removed my flip-flops and pressed my feet in. It was such a wonderful feeling. I wish I had brought some sand back with me .
We stayed in the Pozhiyoram resort in Alleppey district. It's about 5 or 6 kilometers from the town. U gotta take a deviation from Thumpoly.You will be transported back in time here. The cottages have doors with 4 panels which used to be popular in Kerala in the olden days. So you can just keep the bottom panels locked and it becomes like a window, letting air and light in, but not people.

They have a small dining hall upstairs where we saw a bit of Pirates of the Carribean with the waves beating on the shore in the background. This was a different experience. Throughout the night and in the morning you can hear the waves rolling and pounding. You can also see the sea from wherever you are.
There aren't too many cottages here. So it's never crowded. Altogether there are 3 cottages. Two are twins and the one closest to the sea is single. They have tried to maintain a certain rustic ambience with only a few hammocks and beach chairs ( you can count them on one hand) thrown in here and there. The bathrooms are clean and some are open air with coconut trees bang in the middle.

In the morning we went for a walk on the beach. The fishermen were bringing in their catch. The water is salty, even in the resort. But that's ok, for a day.

If you go there, please remember to order food in advance. & I mean real early!! They make everything it takes time.
It's not as expensive as some other resorts which have cottages on the beach. I must say I feel rejuvenated. Now I know why people buy those exclusive houses on the beach.


Roopa said...

Wow! It looks gorgeous! I can just imagine the taste of freshly fried fish!

Umsy said...

yes we had fried fish & it was tasty!!