Monday, April 21, 2008

Recipes: Ethakka Payasam

Yesterday I made Ethakka Payasam which literally translates to Plantain Kheer. Plantain Kheer does not sound that good but Ethakka Payasam tastes very good. So here goes:
1) Take 2 big plantains ( the big yellow ones which get black streaks when ripe) & steam it.
2) Mash it.
3) Take approximately 1 big ball of jaggery, crush & add to the plantains. Add a little water and stir on a low fire.
4) Add salted preserved dates if you have any. This is optional. Otherwise just add a pinch of salt.
5) Add cardomom crushed or otherwise.
6) All the while keep stirring occasionally on a low fire.
7) Now you need to add coconut milk. Add the third milk first. Stir. When it merges with the rest of the ingredients, add the second milk & continue stirring.
8) Finally add the third milk and switch off.
( The coconut milk you first squeeze out is considered to be the first milk and so on).
9) Garnish with roasted cashewnuts.
Serve hot. But alot of people like it cold. In that case cool & refrigerate.

Fairly easy wouldn't you say?


Sajina Bishar said...

Hey gud one...i tried d same too...
Visit my page at ur leisure..

Sajina Bishar said...

Hey..a gud one..i just tried d same 2day..Do visit my space at ur leisure..