Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Shadow: A Poetic Flight

Yesterday, I was caught up in a poetic flight of fancy. This is what came of it.
The Shadow
As I sit down by my desk,
On a bright sunny day
A shadow falls upon me -
The shadow of one lost.
Your words were not the sweetest note,
To my green ears;
Rather a shower of arrows
Which tormented my soul.
Still, whatever I do,
And wherever I go,
The shadow falls -
Your shadow.
As I played cheerfully
Tumbling upside down,
I heard the shout
"Tumblings' not for girls!!!"
As I ran outside in the sun,
I heard the cry,
"Runnings' not for girls!!!!"
As I ate with my fingers,
Rice upto my knuckles,
"That's not the way
to do it girl!!!!"
Yet one fine day,
When nobody expected,
That voice was gone.
And a shadow remained.
How I took for granted - the voice
How I never realized - the love
How to give back - to a shadow?
But in those still moments,
When choices are made,
I pay homage to the shadow;
As now, the shadow rules my heart,
Your shadow - granma!!!

Update: I got a prize for this poem - third.


Maria John said...

Hey...lovely poem. I really miss Grandma....

Umsy said...

so do I ...infact i feel sad now...when I think of her...