Monday, May 19, 2008

Deepika Padukone and Deepika Pallickal

I picked up a film glossy which had a picture of Deepika Padukone. Somewhere near her screamed the caption "Deepika....something something. Love at first sight." I remeber the second part of the caption very well. Not the first bit. Naturally I thought that in this interview she would be telling the readers how she fell in love with Ranbir Kapoor at first sight. So instead of first reading Savvy, I started out with this piece. 4 long pages later...Nothing. Can you imagine my disappointment???? Somewhere she mentioned there never was or is anything between her and Ranbir.. I wish I had stuck to the pictures...She looked really pretty in her smart clothes.
But Savvy was a saving grace. I just love their I believe interview bit. Women who have made their mark are show cased. It was Deepika Pallickal in the issue I read yesterday. She is world number one for squash, since she has won the British open. The funny thing is that the Indian Federation have not selected her. No wonder we don't do well when we go for international events. The selection process is totally mixed up. But maybe it was good for her in a way. She now gets coaching from an Egyptian and since winning the British Open, she is being supported by Lakshmi Mitall's trust etc etc. She's really full of beans. She is. Well here's wishing her the very best in future....
It's only after I wrote the caption for this that I realized that these Deepika's seem to have something or maybe alot in common.

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