Friday, May 16, 2008

You only have one life. Enjoy It !!!

You only have one life. Enjoooy!!!! Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and laugh whenever possible. As someone ( can't remember who) famously said, " You can cry or laugh. The choice is yours."" You can whine and say there's nothing good happening in your life. Or you can look around and see, really use your vision and see the wonderful things that go on about you. There must be numerous small things that you can do to make yourself happy. Fo some people, it might be clothes. Wearing nice clothes. Actually if you dress as smartly as you can , you do start to feel good about yourself. For others it might be music. Listening to soothing music or maybe even heavy metal. If you have to travel alot and you fix a CD player in your car, you can listen to songs which will definitely cheer you up. You won't feel lonely on thos elong drives. For some others it might be food. Just eating nice things and also cooking. There's lots and lots of things to do. Just take a good look around.

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