Monday, May 5, 2008

Lolling at the Travancore Heritage

This building faces the beach. Can you see the blue of the pool??? It has a kids area too.

This is the other pool next to the dining area. Great place to get a tan, if you care for one.

This is one of the cottages on the grassy hillock.

This is a view of the resort from the beach.

And this is a view of the beach from the resort:)

Dining hall with the lunch spread. The waitors & waitresses are in the traditional kerala attire.

This is a canopied walk which leads to the lift, incase you don't want to walk down to the beach.

And here's a small dhow on the beach, probably used by fishermen in the morning.

The pictures above are those of and from the Travancore Heritage, a resort in Kovalam. Now this is one place where you can really really unwind. It's one of the larger properties in Kovalam with 2 large swimming pools and direct access to the beach. They have rooms facing the sea as well as cottages on a hillock. These cottages are really transported manas ( traditional north kerala homes). The food is also good. I absolutely love their golden fried fish. Other yummy things which come to mind are the chocolate brownies, praline souffle, american salad and the aloo chat.!!! They have a nice gaming area where you can play chess,carroms, pool or simply pick up a book from the rack and read. :) Plus they have a large collection of books.
* Pictures are taken by Ashik. S and Sivan. S

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