Monday, May 12, 2008

Mohanlal's Voice

Yesterday I heard the voice of Mohanlal, the superstar and later saw the man himself!!!! Now I ain't one of those crazy fans of his. Yet one cannot deny his talent, his versatility. Have you seen Bhoomiyilee Rajakkanmar?? Or Gandhi Nagar Second Street??? Well if you see any of these, you"ll understand what I mean. But I suggest you see both. To see his versatility. While the first movie is a tad serious, the second is funny.

Yes, so I heard his voice and then saw the poster which said he was in a play with actor Mukesh. I happened to be in the Kanakakunnu grounds yesterday. Was checking out the Poorvi Arts and Crafts Exhibition. Tomorrow is the last day I believe of the exhibition.

Well in the evening, I happened to accompany someone to the grounds when we realized the play was going on. You needed a pass to see the play, but we din have like crazy fans we all clambered to the back side of the stage where a window was open. It was a steep and narrow climb, but for one split second, I saw the star as he came back. And yes he does have some kind of aura.

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