Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Beef Dish you can make Anywhere in the World

This is an easy- to- make and tasty dish . That's why I like it. Assuming you already have cooked , minced beef ie.


  • 2 cups cooked and minced beef. No harm done if it's a lil less or a lil more. I just took what was there and it definitely looked like 2 cups to me. Big cups. Or rather mugs.
  • One big onion. Cut horizontally and vertically so they are squarish.
  • 2 tomatoes. Dice.
  • 1 inch ginger stick. Slice finely and then gently mash.
  • Green chillies. One or two depending on tolerance levels. Slice.
  • Oil- 3 tablespoons or so.
  • Worcestishire sauce. This is optional, but I feel it adds to the taste. I used it in one of those moments of inspiration which left me pleased later on.
  • Salt
  • Powdered black pepper

The Making:

Take a big wok. I used the traditional "cheenachatti". It's one of those heavy iron utensils ( the word "utensil" must have come into existence after someone came into contact with one of these) . Particulary useful when u want to leave something on the fire for a long time. By the way "cheena" means Chinese in malayalam and "chatti" means pot. So it was something borrowed from the Chinese. I have never seen a real maybe the "cheenachatti" has a lot in common with the wok after all.

Heat the pot or chatti. Pour the oil. Once it's hot, in go the onions. Stir and when they start turning colour add the ginger and the chillies. Stir. Add the tomatoes. Keep stirring. Lower the flame. Add the beef. Whenever u cook beef in a chatti it tastes better when it has stayed on the fire for long. On low heat, mind you. So keep stirring the whole mixture so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot. When the colour changs add the W sauce. Since it's heavy it falls slowly. So I made a circle with the sauce on the mound of beef n tomatoes. Stir well. Keep stirring. Add salt and the black pepper powder. Taste it occasionally until it's just right . ( Don't worry you will know when).

And yr done!!! Eat it with bread or chappathi.

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