Monday, June 16, 2008

Recipe for Puttu

This morning I made puttu after what seemed like an eternity. Puttu is a traditional malayalee breaky. It's very healthy as there is no oil. Plus, it's steamed.
Take a small or large cup of Nirapara's Chemba puttu podi. Puttu podi can actually be made at home. However, it saves time if you have the ready - made variety. Nirapara's Chemba puttu podi is available all over South India , I guess. Possibly in Maharashtra and some other places where Hindi is spoken. Coz I did see instructions in Hindi, English and Tamil ( I think).
Mix the podi with water, a little at a time. The podi is brown and not exactly soft like flour. Work with yr fingers, till the water is absorbed evenly and feels "piri- piri", if u know what I mean.
Scrape some coconut or take ready- made, if you live in a place where that is popular. Now you need to take the puttu kutti. The puttu kutti is a traditional utensil in which puutu is made. For the past 40 - 50 years ( I'm guessing again), the puutu kutti also acquired another purpose. Steam inhalation. Yes it's very easy to use it for that since it is narrow at the top. More of that later.
Now you need to fill the cylindrical part of the kutti with alternating layers of coconut and the prepared puttu podi. Remember to close the bottom with the circular piece of aluminium. Now cover the top with the lid. Pour water in the lower portion of the utensil and fix the cylindrical part onto it. Steam for 15- 20 mts. Switch off. Use a rod to push the cooked puttu out- push it gently out from the bottom. It should hold a cylindrical shape. Done.

Puutu tastes great with chicken curry, kadala curry, beef( yum) etc. However for breakfast, one of the best combinations is with bananas.

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