Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to be yr own Cobbler

I just have to share this with you. I know how to repair my shoe if it's a sole problem. My friend Veena Vattekkat let me in on this secret. Well, one day I was at the office walking about without a care when PLACK. Again it came. PLACK PLACK PLACK PLACK. I looked down. It was me or rather my feet. The sole had separated. I could not walk around the whole day like that. Neither did I want to stand on one foot like a stork next to a cobbler. I didn't have to. Veena came to my rescue. She immediately got me some Quick Fix. This is a fevicol product and it only costs Rs 5.Yes. Just enough to fix your shoe with. Just be careful not to let any of that get on yr fingers. It's really sticky. Screw the nozzle tightly. This will pierce the tube ( it's totally airtight when u buy,sealed). Open the flap a bit and apply it on the bottom portion. Jam it together and put some heavy thing on it like the CPU for instance;)In 10 mts yr done.
You can see an actual demo by clicking the arrow on the small screen above. They seem to be using a similar product.


dreamy eyes said...

quick fix helps us to fix anything and leave that old fevicol and go with feviquick...ehhehe!!!

happy blogging :)
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Umsy said...

thanks dreamy eyes....this name you have taken " dreamy eyes" is so romantic...

dreamy eyes said...

yea it is!!

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Umsy said...

Thanks dreamy!!!!