Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dedication to rjohns

Lots of things are happening around & I'm kinda busy. But I do not want to disappoint a loyal reader rjohns who is actuallly badgering me to write!!! I never dreamnt when I started out on this blogging adventure, that somebody would actually be waiting to read what I write:) So I would like to dedicate this post and the funny video starring Ms Kaif to her. May her tribe grow!!!


dreamy eyes said...

heheh...funny ad..!err!stupid though!but compared to axe ads this is funny n sane atleast ;)

happy blogging!

dreamy eyes said...

hey now that i noticed 2 0f ur posts goes to fevicol ...giving them the ads n support?by anyway u working there? :P

Umsy said...

nope!!! I don't work for fevicol:D...still i thought my experience would be useful to someone...plus i thought the ads funny and the concept different!!!