Sunday, November 2, 2008

5 MT Soup with No MSG!!

Guess what???!!! I finally found a soup with no MSG in the market. I was kinda lost and enjoying myself looking at all those delectable things in Spencers when the words " No MSG" kinda popped out at me. The brand is MTR. They have a tomato soup and Mullagatawny soup. I am not too fond of the latter as it reminds me of Sambhaar or Rasam and while I like those two, when I drink soup I expect something else. So I picked out the Baby corn and Spring Onion soup. It takes about 5 mts to make. The mix is not powder but rather kind of like a batter. Just immerse this into boiling water and stir for 5 mts. Tastewise I think Knorr is still better. But this is definitely more healthy and you can enhance the flavour by adding black pepper.

* Picture Courtesy: The World Wide Web

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