Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chitra did a Harry Potter me while I had soup

I love the ambience in Arul Jyothi at Bakery Junction. The other day I had a bowl of soup and channa bathoora there. The soups there are good although I get the feeling it's the same base for all the " cream of" soups. I think they keep that ready made and then change the ingredients as per the need. The lights are soft and adds to the romance. It's these spotlights which hang low on the tables just providing a circle of light around your food and faces. Everything else dims out. The seating is comfortable and modern. There is also an element of privacy since there are these half partitions. And I was mesmerised by the music in the background. I was in a spell. It was classical or semi classical. The voice of an enchantress. I asked the steward. He brought the CD for me. It was Chitra. How could I forget???!! The music...her music cast a spell on me and put me in a trance where I forgot evrything else save her sweet mellifluous voice. ( For a moment I went back in time. Another such moment was when I saw Madhu Natraj performing live. More of that later.)
And yes, the waiters. The steward is very attentive and helpful. You get a feeling of being well looked after. This could also be because we were not there during rush hour. We were there at about 6.45 in the evening. I think the place is kinda jam packed for lunch or dinner. Go there by 12 to have lunch on a Sunday or you may have to wait a long time.

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