Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes We Can!!!!

One of my readers told me she was inspired by my post on making puttu...bought the exact puttu podi I mentioned and made it.
I must say this made me very happy. I guess it's one of the reasons people blog. You can inspire others and be inspired back by them. Another reason why I like blogging is you can put useful info on the net. It would be useful to many, including yourself. Say I wake up one morning saying " Yes We Can" and find myself in Obama country. I could always check my blog and dig up the recipe for puttu, couldn't I? And I know there are at least a million people out there who may never have heard about "puttu" let alone taste it. I would like to end with Obama's slogan. Yes We Can. While we are on the subject of Obama, while I wish him success, I wish peace for the world. And yes .....YES WE CAN!!!!


Maria John said...

You seem to be quite an Obama fan!!

Maria John said...
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Umsy said...

Obama seems to be charismatic and he is a good orator. And I have nothing against McCain. As mentioned in the post, all I want is peace for the world.