Friday, December 12, 2008

Goodwill : The best Trinketty Shop

The best place to shop for trinkets in kochi is Goodwill!!! This is a shop so full of trinkets that they just hang out from every spot in the shop. Four floors of trinkets. The first floor is full of earrings and small chains and the like. Starting from Rs 30 it goes up to whatever!!!They also have a good collection of reasonably priced belts. While you take the stairs to the next floor, you cannot help but notice all the cute bags hung above you. There is always someone willing to give you a lending hand. The next floor is completely devoted to bags and make -up. They have a good range when it comes to quality and price. One day I spotted Manju Warrior there doing her bit of shopping. And I'm pretty sure Poornima Mohan or Indrajith ( after her marriage to actor Indrajith) goes there to buy stuff. After all she is an ex Teresian. Infact all the shops have sprung around and thrived in Convent Junction because of the St Teresa's college. Come to think of it, it's one of the best places to shop for trinkets in Kerala.

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