Monday, April 6, 2009

Beating the Heat!!!

The fact of the matter is that its getting hot. Very hot. This definitely points to global warming with the climate going all topsy turvy. My suggestions to beat the heat:

Wear cotton clothes, 100% cotton is the best. It really makes a difference.

Drink pots of water. Lots and lots and lots. Drink buttermilk whenever possible. Or watermelon juice. Or anyother juice.

If you have a terrace, try growing vines of some kind. Passion fruit grows well in the sun. This will reduce the heat within the house. Or you can try bitter gourd.

Wear sunglasses.

Use an umbrella.

Any other thing I missed???


Sree said...

wear sunscreen,
keep the windows open :)

Umsy said...

thanks for dropping by...