Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Version of Bhel Puri

Yesterday I made chat. A mumbaiwallah said that what I had made was a version of Bhel Puri. I have gone by my sense of sight and taste here. So here goes. Grab

2 handfuls of puffed rice
1 or 2 handfuls of sev and mix in a bowl.
Dice half a large onion, 2 tomatoes and a bunch of cilantro. Add these to the bowl.
Take 5 baby potatoes and pressure cook. 5 or 6 steams should go or till u get the smell. Cool, peel and mix with other ingredients. I used my hand for this process.
Add salt and red pepper according to your preference.

I also made a sauce using "puli" and jaggery and salt. Put the "puli" in water and squeeze out the juice. Put this on the stove and add a large piece of jaggery. Let this dissolve and add some salt. Boil till u get the consistency u want.

Eat the chat along with this sauce. You can have this plain or with bread or as a general accompaniment to any meal. I think it's pretty healthy since theres no oil except that in the sev. And we're using jaggery instead of sugar.

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