Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Chocolate Nectar: Sofit Soyamilk

Easter is a time for good food. Especally if you have observed lent. I was on lent for about 45 days. No meat. No fish. No eggs - boiled, fried or scrambled. This is also a time when you can try out alternative food. Vegetarian to be precise. So I was really happy to discover Sofit. Sofit is a brand of Soyamilk marketted by Godrej Hershey Ltd. They have several flavours. Natural,Apple, Strawberry,Coffee,Mango,Kesar Pista...etc. I liked Apple and loved Chocolate. Truth be told natural is not a favourite of mine. It tastes too natural. I have tastd fresh soya milk courtesy the danseuse and my good friend Sandhya, in Malaysia. And I loved it. But somehow the packaged version does not work for me. As per Godrej Hershey Ltd, 200 ml of Sofit contains alot of things. One egg, half a glass of milk, one banana and half a cup of lentil.
I think its a tasty veggie option. And with all these flavours, it will bring variety to any diet. It is also supposed to be very healthy. However I am wondering what happens if someone decides to binge?

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