Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voting and Blogging

Today people all over Kerala were voting. According to a Tv channel less than 50% of the people in Trivandrum voted. (This was based on statistics they got at 4.30 pm.) It's not surprising though. Alot of people said their names were not on the list. For others it was an identity crises. The person who looked at you from the officials list was simply not you.
Yesterday a colleague mentioned that blogging should be banned. This was during an election debate. Blogging is primarily a way of self expression. If it does influence people, its just like the newspapers or the television. But probably not to that extent. However I guess bloggers need not worry. Political parties themselves would not want it. Atleast the BJP would not. As you can see the caption," Advani for PM" on almost every other blog!!!!
Anyhow there was more than 60 % polling in Idukki, Kochi and Malappuram.

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