Thursday, April 16, 2009

MSNs Birthday Special

Apparently it was Vikrams birthday this past week. I became a Vikram fan after seeing Annyan atleast twice in the theatre. Well I got to know about his birthday from MSN Entertainer:

"Vikram's rise to become one of the powerhouse performers on Indian Screen did not happen overnight. He toiled hard for 10 long years for his first big break. He lent his voice, danced for a living and played second fiddle to many a hero, before Bala picked him up and gave him the title role of ‘Setu’ (1999). The rest, as they say, is His Story!

Chiyaan Vikram, as he is known among his fans, is the ultimate Lady’s Man of Kollywood. Vikram epitomizes Dravidian masculinity in a way no other hero has! On the occasion of the superstar’s 43rd birth day, we present to you 10 of his leading ladies."

However it was the following comment by MadBad which I found hilarious:

"This is ridiculous; you guys are going very low level to win the eyeballs. On a birthday of a guy what’s the relevance of showing the pictures of his heroines?"

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