Monday, April 14, 2008

A light easy dinner: Puliyogare

I made Puliyogare yesterday evening. I love it coz it tastes different and it's very easy to make. A rough transaltion would be tamarind rice. This is an Andhra recipe I believe...( not sure though). I bought Daawat's basmati rice and MTR's Puliyogare mix. This paste should be available all over India. I dunno whether they are exporting it though. I took 225 grams of rice and boiled it in 9 cups of water, stirring occassionally. Ideally you should put the rice in boiling water and stir for approximately 12-14 mts. Check whether it is done and if it is , drain it. Once drained spread it out in a long or large dish. Take 2 tablespoons of the Puliyogare paste and gently saute in ghee. I used butter, since I had run out of ghee. Then mix this with the rice. You can use 2 ladles for the mixing & wait till all the steam has left the rice. Otherwise it may become mushy. Taste it. If you need more puli, just add more of the paste. Pappads, pickle and raitha go with this just fine. I made a simple raitha out of curd & shredded onions and salt. Mmmm and the best part is that it is very light on the stomach ; especially if you had mutton biriyani for lunch...good to have a light dinner.

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